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Visitor Stories

Kenny and Lynda

Location: Inverness, Scotland

Date: 23/05/2022

Story needs to be completed…


Location: Inverness, Scotland

Date: 07/04/2022

I chose this image for the beautiful puffin and the calming colours. He lives next to some cliffs that I painted. The real cliffs remind me of home and it is one of my best paintings. The colour schemes perfectly compliment each other and they have matching frames.


Location: Inverness, Scotland

Date: 06/04/2022

Story needs to be completed…

Dirk and Gail

Location: Langebaan, South Africa

Date: 1/04/2022

How truly blessed we were to receive this beautiful photograph as a gift. When asked which photograph of Dawid Lotz’s collection ‘spoke’ to us, my husband and myself did not hesitate to name this amazing photograph. Why? You may ask – well, Dirk, my husband being a lover of the outdoors and having a great knowledge when it comes to the African Wildlife found this photograph to be one of a kind. The photographer has mastered the Nyala in its natural habitat perfecting the shot lighting and sharp focus on the subject.

Rhian and Gary

Location: Inverness, Scotland

Date: 11/03/2022

Choosing a print was extremely difficult but we kept coming back to the red squirrel.  Here, Dawid has captured the red squirrel’s playful and adventurous nature to a tee and the print consistently brings a smile to our faces.  We chose the frame and mount to hopefully highlight the background as well as the squirrel’s colouring.  Thank you for this beautiful gift.

Malcolm and Nadia

Location: Inverness, Scotland


We chose this picture for a number or reasons. We really liked the dynamism, the sharp squirrel leaping out of the blurred background. The colours are fantastic and we tried to complement them with our choice of frame and border. But overall, the picture reminds us of our young red haired son who is never still!


Location: Dumbarton, Scotland


When asked to do a comment Andrew just said “She’s a beauty” and I think that says it all — Dawid


Location: Glasgow, Scotland


Dawid managed to capture the majesty of Table mountain as viewed from Blouberg Strand in an iconic image! I selected this image as the view is one that reminds me of my maternal grandfather who painted this exact scene in oil on canvas many years ago and this painting always held pride of place in the home when I was growing up. Dawid’s superb image now hangs proudly above my study desk and exerts a calming influence aiding concentration and reflection.I picked a great frame, simple yet the grey frame accentuates the natural colours of the landscape and the framing also focuses attention on the image itself.


Location: Houston, USA

Date: 23/12/2020

The moment I saw this giraffe, I knew I had to have it!  The giraffe’s expression made me giggle and she just looks a little mischievous!  The pale pink background is very soft and muted which adds to her femininity!  The framer at Michael’s was so nice and couldn’t wait to frame this print as she loved this giraffe.  I selected the “Shabby” style white frame because it was a casual frame that did not create a distraction from the image of the cute giraffe.


Location: Houston, USA

Date: 23/12/2020

The pinks and greens on this print are so vivid and outstanding!  The framer at Micheal’s remembered me because of the quality of paper of this print.  She commented on the high quality of paper and it had been approximately 2 years ago since I framed other prints from Dawid! I selected the “shabby” white frame because I wanted to have a stark contrast with the colors in the print.  Also, the white frame is  perfect contrast against the wallpaper, which was a perfect choice because it highlighted the vibrant colors of the print.   I am so glad I trust Michael’s with the prints from Dawid.


Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom

Date: 18/8/2020

I wanted the viewer to be intrigued by the image then feel rewarded on finding the elephant’s eye. You have to come close to see the eye properly. Then you sense the life and intelligence behind it. The print is set deep in the frame giving the impression of looking down into the eye.

David and Family

Location: Despatch, South Africa

Date: 9/07/2020

Natural action photo of a young kudu bull, stunning photo of lion and bullying young bulls with mature bull standing guard through the eye of an elephant.


Location: Perth, Australia

Date: 1/10/2019

I love this picture as I was wanting something without too much detail. I also chose a simple frame to not take too much focus away from the picture. The picture and print quality is awesome. Thank you for a great shot. I love it.

Geoff and Margaret

Location: Helensburgh, Scotland

Date: 3/9/2019

All Dawid’s photographs are inspirational and the choice is difficult, but we were looking specifically for a cheetah. This lady is beautiful, with her cubs merging so well into their surroundings that one is almost invisible. The frame we chose we thought was empathetic with the greens and browns of their home..


Location: San Diego, USA

Date: 20/05/2019

The reason for us choosing this picture is that it shows the majestic cats in their natural habitat. The Lions symbolize strength, power and ferocity which you can see in this picture. It gives our friends and family a feel for the wildlife and a taste of Africa. We framed it with a weathered frame to maintain a wildlife character.

Ivor and Ruth

Location: Dunblane, Scotland

Date: 25/12/2017

We selected the frame colour to complement the colour of the kudus. The locked horns creates drama in the photograph and their markings and architectural horns are beautifully captured. The print quality is good and the rendition of the colours of the African scene is excellent.

Ken and Ann

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Date: 31/12/2017

I love the tranquility of this photograph. I feel as though I am sitting at the rivers edge listening to the water gurgling over the rocks…. and the heron….contemplating his next meal…….? The frame is still being sourced.


Location: Houston, USA

Date: 5/12/2017

I liked the reflection of the elephant family in the watering hole. The combination of muted yellows and blues appealed to me. On receiving the print I was very surprised and impressed with the quality of the paper and I was surprised at how relatively quick I received the print in the U.S. When I took the print to the frame shop, the owner was very impressed with the quality of the colors and the paper as well. It will be hanging in my family counselling office as a visual reminder of how families represent safety, protection and cooperation.