Charities Preferred

Folks who have enjoyed my website and the ensuing prints have asked me about my preferred charities so that they can make a contribution towards them. I have decided to divide them into “local” and “international” charities —- no doubt this list is likely to grow over the years. Just taking a membership for a year might be good to expose one to the goings-on of the charities and have the benefit of visiting some nature and wildlife sites they manage and support. So I think a membership is just as good and even better than a donation as this might cultivate some interest and empowerment which could have a much longer and enduring involvement with a charity. Furthermore subscribing to one or more of the newsletters associated with the charities keeps one in the loop regarding developments.

LOCAL Charities

  1. The Scottish Wildlife Trust has a wide influence in Scotland: “The Trust successfully champions the cause of wildlife through policy and campaigning work, demonstrates best practice through practical conservation and innovative partnerships, and inspires people to take positive action through its education and engagement activities. It also manages a network of around 120 wildlife reserves across Scotland and is a member of the UK-wide Wildlife Trusts movement”. from their website.
  2. The “RSPB” (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) is predominantly active in the UK, but has a very wide reach covering and having a network with other similar minded organizations internationally.”Reserves are at the heart of what we do. They’re vital to our conservation work and priceless spaces for everyone to get close to nature.” from their website.


  1. The World Wildlife Fund is a very large organization with involvement in many species: “Our mission is to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature. To deliver this mission, we work to conserve and restore biodiversity, the web that supports all life on Earth; to reduce humanity’s environmental footprint; and to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources to support current and future generations” from their website
  2. The Save the Rhino International”charity is much more focused: “We work with expert partners and use tested technologies and relevant scientific research to ensure our investments in rhino conservation have the greatest impact. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not simply follow the latest fads but make sure that all our funding decisions are nuanced and well-researched, and in the best interests of rhinos and the people who protect them.” from their website.
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