The website is currently being created (testing phase) and the galleries being populated. If you do end up on the site and cannot wait to see some images I suggest you look at some of the galleries of the Kruger National Park (populated mostly for testing at present) which is located within the South African collection. The “premium” collections accommodate a few images which interested parties have selected. I have put a few larger images in the premium collections for your viewing pleasure (links at the end of this blog). Whilst I’m currently populating the portfolios and galleries I’m also doing some photography within Scotland. Please be patient and I hope the website will be a more pleasant experience in a few weeks when we hope to have it running well with great content. If you would like to communicate about images you see or anything else just contact me via the contact form or just email. There will be a promotion on some prints for a limited period when the website goes “live”

Wildlife premium collection
South Africa